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Personality type talk, trends between types, tips on self-development and, in true ESFP fashion, random other unpredictable stuff.

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Saturday Apr 06, 2024

Welcome back to the pod! Today, we dive into a heavier topic as I unpack the topics of trauma and MBTI, featuring questions from Cindy, Jackie and Tully. We explore the links between trauma and MBTI test results, type and treatment, trauma symptoms and healing, as well as some personal stories from myself.
Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional. 
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Monday Mar 04, 2024

Hey everyone, welcome back to the pod! Today I talk about some of the various things I learned about myself as an ESFP during the wedding planning process. Enjoy!
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Saturday Oct 07, 2023

Join me today as I unpack the ENTJ personality with a special guest!
Allison Ramsey is the best-selling author of the Redefine book ( and the Founder of Empire Life, Coaching and Mentoring Company. At Empire Life, Female Founders are Guided in Scaling Their Empires. Allison is also a Mom and Dog Mom to Mars, her doberman.
She also hosts the Empire Life Podcast, which broadcasts interviews with mega-successful empire builders from all around the world. With private clients, Empire Life guides clients in business strategy, structure, community building, authentic sales in scaling the technical infrastructure for membership sites, systems, raising prices, confidence, automation, sales funnels and scales momentum with Facebook and Google Ads (textbook ENTJ, amiright?). The Empire Life Blog has tons of exposure and engagement every day as well. Allison is also an international speaker on women in entrepreneurship, business, leadership, and business partnerships. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones, and working out in her free time.
Female coaches and female-led businesses who have implemented Empire Life's business strategies have seen an increase in client leads, monthly income (often a 20X increase from when they started with Empire Life’s support), and client retention after having Empire Life Mentorship.
Website: www.empirelifeacademy.comInstagram:
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Wednesday Sep 06, 2023

In today's "Dear Kristin" episode, I share some vulnerable thoughts and experiences from my time in Korea, amongst other type-relate questions. Thank you to Chris S, Haleemah, Nicola, Casey, Emaryllis and Ellie for submitting the questions for this one. Grab a cuppa and let's dive in!
1:44 Question from Chris Stockton: What’s your advice for using MBTI as a tool whilst creating characters in creative writing? 
5:21 From Haleemah: Do you find yourself constantly typing people in your personal life?
7:32 From Haleemah: What has your experience been like with INFJs? 
13:52 From Nicola: What was your experience in Korea like and why did you leave?
30:40 From Casey: What are some questions that you can ask people to get a sense of how they are perceiving and judging information?
34:17 From Emaryllis: I’m pretty sure I’m an ENTP, but why do I get tired from human interaction all the time?
38:25 From Ellie: What is the right thing to say to an Fi dom when they are talking to me about their feelings? (From a Ti dom)
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Monday Aug 07, 2023

Yes, I am engaged and so so happy about it! Today, in an absolute first for the pod, I discuss my romantic relationship with my ENTJ fiancé! Join with a cuppa as I answer your questions about ESFP / ENTJ compatibility, my thoughts on love and relationships, how we resolve conflict, how our functions play out and much more!
Note: I received Andrew's permission to discuss our relationship openly. 😊
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⌛ T I M E S T A M P S :
1:24 How did you two meet? An ENTJ and ESFP meeting must have been fun
3:49 Is your fiance Catholic?
4:15 Does your fiance also partake in the Te tone? Also what are your thoughts on MBTI?
5:45 Do you think if you were still in your prime you would have been more picky?
6:02 Was the ESFP/ENTJ interaction in the speed dating video based off something that happened in real life?
7:02 Where will you go to get married?
7:08 Have you chosen a date for the wedding?
7:22 What role plays faith in your relationship?
8:10 How involved are you in his plan to overtake Greece?
8:22 What other types have you dated before choosing your ultimate winner?
8:52 How and when did the both of you become official/start dating? Also, is it weird that I don't believe in type compatibility, that it all depends on the persons' true selves and how they grow and develop with each other? 
9:37 How close is he to the ENTJ you've created on this channel? Was he an inspiration for this character in the last videos? Also, Feeler and Thinker pair - some tips, that help you understand each other better? Also, what helps him to deal with your spontaneity, and what helps you deal with his planning? Also, does he like MBTI? Will he help you in creating content? Will we see him in your videos?
16:45 How has it been introducing your fiancé into your family?
18:02 I can see you two connecting on the Fi-Te axis, but how do you navigate the S-N difference? Has it come up much?
21:58 Will you leave/take a break from Youtube after getting married? 
22:33 Will baby shark be playing at the reception?
22:44 What are your enneagram types?
23:02 How did he propose? Did you discuss it beforehand and how?
24:44 Who fell in love first? How did you fall in love with each other?
27:09 Will he appear in any of your skits?
27:25 How did you type him as an ENTJ?
28:59 In what ways are you defying the stereotypes?
30: 54 Do social celebrations such as engagement and marriage mean anything to an ENTJ?
32:21 What does he like about ESFPs?
33:07 Did you introduce him to MBTI, or had he already heard of it?
33:28 Thoughts on free will and moral responsibility?
33:56 Do you think communication is easier because you have the same cognitive functions?
37:02 In what ways does your fiance balance you out?
40:01 Do you stalkers leave you alone now that they know you’re engaged?
40:21 Best and hardest thing about having an ENTJ as a fiance?
45:56 What does the ideal date look like to both of you?
46:57 Do you feel like style preferences re wedding venue/dresses etc have anything to do with personality type?
47:27 What are the scariest parts about engagement?
48:50 What did your siblings say when you announced your engagement?
50:22 Other than therapy, how does one reduce their toxicity? It’s so hard!
52:49 What, if anything, are you to on complete polar opposite sides within a specific issue?
54:17 How similar and in what ways is he similar to your ENTJ dad?
55:15 Has knowing MBTI so well helped your ability to communicate well? Or has it hindered?
47:25 How has knowing MBTI helped you grow in your faith?
57:45 How often do y’all actively use cognitive function language as a tool for resolving conflicts?
57:54 How does your fiance feed/compliment your energy?
58:45 Does MBTI play a role in your compatibility, or is it mostly other factors?
59:31 What’s the most surprising thing that you’ve learned about yourself being in this relationship?
1:01:52 Did you ever try to look for/date someone of a type compatible with yours?
1:02:11 What have you learned about relationships through dating him?
1:02:50 What were some of your preconceptions about ENTJs that have been proven wrong?
1:03:27 How do you handle conflicts?
1:05:11 Any advice for successful long-term relationships?
1:07:03 How did you know that he was the one?
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Friday Jun 23, 2023

On today's episode, I'm reminiscing un-scripted on 10 of the lessons that I learned in my 20s. 💜
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Jordan Peterson reference:
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Thursday Jun 08, 2023

Today I welcome one of my oldest friends onto the podcast to make her uncomfortable with extremely pointed questions! Join us as we discuss all things INFJ: What is the Ni intuition? What is it like being married to an ISTP? Why do INFJs make so many judgements, and where do they come from? What is it like seeing the darkness of the world at all times? What are the dangers of living in your imagination? What is the INFJ doorslam? How do INFJs find a personal identity away from the tribe? Is "The Body Keeps the Score" even that good? We discuss all this and more in this juicy episode!
I found it particularly interesting listening to how differently Bek and I perceived these questions and topics, given that we lead with each other's inferior functions.
Grab a cuppa and enjoy!
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Thursday May 11, 2023

Today on the pod, I'm taking 37 minutes to answer 5 questions! Thank you to Erika, Misia, Maja, Ahab and YourLocalFriendESFJ for their submissions! In this episode, I talk MBTI and mental illness, typing yourself, Fe nuance, stereotypes and how MBTI types present in children. 
Links mentioned in the show:
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My instagram: @dear.kristin
Podcast episode with ENFJ Laith:
Podcast episode with Dr. Ben Coterill:
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Tuesday Apr 25, 2023

Today on the pod, I'm speaking with fellow MBTI YouTuber, Bogdan Yakubets. We speak in depth about the struggles being a YouTuber, what made him quit YouTube, his experience with MBTI, his personality type and how MBTI works with his Christian faith. It was a pleasure speaking with him and I hope you guys enjoy it!
Links mentioned in the episode:Bogdan's main YouTube channel:
Bogdan's fight-choreography YouTube channel:
The comedic short film "Steak", starring Bogdan:
My YouTube channel:
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Monday Mar 27, 2023

Today, we're unpacking your answers to the question "What is your ultimate nightmare scenario?" We received 324 answers for this one and were able to uncover some interesting trends! So grab a cuppa and strap on in!
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See all of the answers that I received for this question:
Time stamps:
3:22 ENFP
5:29 INFP
9:53 ENFJ
11:30 INFJ
16:49 ESFP
18:17 ISFP
20:02 ESFJ
21:23 ISFJ
22:21 Recap of the "F" answers
24:05 ENTP
28:18 INTP
32:30 ENTJ
36:19 INTJ
40:31 ESTJ
42:28 ISTJ
43:58 ESTP
45:31 ISTP
47:12 Summary of the findings
51:10 Call for help!
Thanks for listening guys!
Send me an email if you'd like to help me analyse trends for future
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