Literally No Subtext with Dear Kristin

Personality type talk, trends between types, tips on self-development and, in true ESFP fashion, random other unpredictable stuff.

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Monday May 30, 2022

Today I welcome my ESTJ and ENTJ housemates to talk about all things Te! Are they really as bossy as their stereotypes say they are? How do they get in touch with their feelings? Do they ever waste time? How do they navigate living with each other? We answer some of the questions you asked on instagram and have great fun doing it.

Sunday May 29, 2022

You know those situations when someone expresses their feelings to you and you're not sure how to respond? You want to make them feel heard, but you also want to give them practical advice or express your own opinion on the matter. How do you approach this? Today, we discuss what "emotional validation" means and I offer practical advice on how to approach such situations.
Watch the video version of this episode:

Thursday May 19, 2022

Enjoy the first episode of my long-form analysis of your instagram answers to my question, "From where do you get your sense of identity?"
"Type Trends" is an experiment that I run via my instagram page, through which I ask my instagram followers various questions, and then find trends between the types based on their answers. Feel free to follow me on instagram @dear.kristin if you'd like to participate!
Helpful resources in learning about the cognitive functions:
My 2 videos on the cognitive functions:
Frank James' video on the functions:'s: Y's:

Thursday May 19, 2022

... or in other words: Ne left unbridled to frolic!
This episode is the audio file from my YouTube video, "Answering your questions with my ENTP brother". We talk about what it's like being an ENTP; the differences between Introverted Feeling (Fi) and Introverted Thinking (Ti) as cognitive functions; and his outlook on life, relationships and religion. Enjoy!
The link to the video episode can be found below:

Introduction to the Pod

Thursday May 19, 2022

Thursday May 19, 2022

Welcome to the Literally No Subtext podcast. Today I explain to you, with no script and many tangents, the purpose of the podcast and why I named it this.


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